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Love It by MISS RuBy ft. Knesha, MC Bygone & Gardener

23 Oct


(Miss Ruby)

Yo, this sounds like some, East Hope, Miss Ruby

And we do it cuz we want you to

love it babe, love it babe, love it babe, love it baby

Haha, I don’t think y’all ready for it but umm…anyways..

Shout out to East Hope, holdin’ it down on the beat

my girl Knesha, let’s do this!

Ima double down hope ’cause I know it’s a safe bet,

hands high if you really wanna feel it.

‘Cause I’m double time dope but I’ll never be a base head,

can’t lie I get faded on adrenaline!

Copious notes and stacks in loans and fear of being broke

calmed that a** like Ritalin!

So don’t act like chit-a-lins, f*ckin’ up aroma when the pan starts sizzlin’.


You need my love, to burn blue like a crip killa

be my blood.

And let’s bruise like a tattoo

grease and rub

then stand tall like a hairdo

tease and bump…

Get cheddar like beef and buns

If I wanted I could feed the whole team for lunch, you wit it?

Turn the speakers up…

and let the beat erupt!

I got a volcano spout where the heat come out.

Fire in my lungs like I’m chiefing now.

But I don’t need a blunt to hold the green down

smokin’ til broke is old and weak now…

Let’s grow and be proud,

let’s roast the beef now.

‘Cause my hunger for the grass is more than these cows

beggin’ for a laugh, I’m over these clowns.

Who be buzzin’ on top like the foam on a soda pop-POP,

but they killin’ ‘em softly.

I be floatin’ with the pulp and the seed from organic crops,

so when they need, healing they call me.

It’s a lonely road I travel

with the Oprah’s, Ye’s and Hova’s,

so when I come back with stacks and plaques,

don’t act like I never told ya!

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