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Stay by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko – Lyrics Review

1 Mar

If you’ve never heard this song “Stay” by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko,  you MUST go listen to it after watching this lyric review!

[Bar for Bar Breakdown] Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe Round 2 Smack/URL

20 Feb

The Game – Black Jesus – Lyrical Breakdown

27 Nov

If you’re reading this you’re probably already informed that west coast rapper The Game will soon be dropping  his 5th studio album Jesus Piece (due December 11). But you may not know that in leading up to this release he has initiated his own “Sunday Service” promotion that began at the end of October, where he’s promised to give away at least one new song each Sunday until the album drops! Most of these songs, including “BLACK JESUS“, did NOT make the album but still follow along with the theme. So how do you feel about The Game referring to himself as Jesus? Is it simply entertaining or straight up blasphemous?! Enjoy this Lyrical Breakdown and leave your comments below!




Uh, I got black cars,

black broad, black yeezy’s

Black in the back ??

Black presidential rolls,

black pieces

You know why?

Cause I’m the young black Jesus

Yeah, young black Jesus

You know why?

Cause I’m the young black Jesus 

Yeah, the young black jesus

Yeah, the young black jesus 

Verse 1:

Yes sir, the young black Jesus

Walking on water

in them young black yeezys

Five albums five masterpieces

Can’t leave rap alone

the game needs it

Can’t leave gats alone

I gotta family

Nigga that sold grams

nominated for a Grammy

I gotta thank myself, I’m Jesus.

 Me and my apostles

play the corner like Revis

Now I’m on Noah’s ark

floating through Saint Regis

 You know how Jesus do

Pull up on you in that

nave-blue coupe,

hop out, take pursuit

Lamborghini merci

beaucoup, mwah!

 Couldn’t do it without Jesus

Got a passport

fuck I need with a visa?

Got a black card

 fuck I need with a Visa?

I don’t fuck with ‘Bron

but got on them South Beaches

CHORUS (once)

Verse 2:

Pull up, holy ghost,

they have seizures

Hop out, gun smoke,

the gat sneezes

 Niggas see me in real life

 say “oh Jesus!”

Might just save your life

and not squeeze it

Heathen ain’t supposed

to be breathing

The hood crucify me

came back as black Jesus

 Audemar shitting on niggas,

that’s feces

Brown Mase tangerine guts,

that’s Reese’s

 Tune on the album ain’t

have to pay for the feature

That’s the way it go down when it’s

YMCMB shit
Stunna my nigga came into the game

 and Master P shit

Bought a red Ferrari

 for the young black Jesus

Give me Stevie’s eyes

black Jesus

So I can see why they killing

in the Chi black Jesus

How did Chris Lighty really

die black Jesus?

Don’t answer that,

he’s probably in heaven

where BIG is…




Would you sell your SOUL for FAME? Buried Alive (Drake ft. Kendrick Lamar)

2 Mar

Shot by Drew: Kendrick Lamar

If you was in a pine box. I would surely, break the lock. I’d jump right in and fall asleep. Cuz you are the death of me” What a way to start a song! Or interlude…whatever. Lol. Hip-Hop lovers know how Cali rapper Kendrick Lamar can beast a track and leave people questioning whether or not THEY just got buried alive, so this was just another feast. After being asked by Drake to “do what he wanted to do” on the beat, K. Dot did not hold back in telling us exactly what was on his mind, even if it did adversely diss Mr. OVO himself. So, here is my lyrical breakdown of Buried Alive. Enjoy! 


Looking in the mirror I’m embarrassed
I’m feeling like a suicidal terrorist
React like an infant whenever you are mentioned
Mind over matter never worked for my nemesis
I’m in the matter of man arm wrestling hands
I was dealt when I said the music business was all I needed
When I got it I was greeted by an alien
That said last year that she slept with a Canadian
That gave him an addiction
That’d keep him in Mercedes Benz
Bright lights and Rihanna as a lady friend
My vice is similar women love when you’re my type
And you win it from everything that your palm write
Put her in the Palms Hotel, Sin City
Devil in a dress, Platinum Chanel
Live the ambiance all cause the audience
One day said I would do it
So instead of a verse being read
I’ma go ‘n get some head off the strength of my music
I tell a bad bitch your ass too fat
Capitalize that, and your weave look good
With the Indian tracks
Tracking device on your used 5 series
I don’t call back just blame it on your Canadian
The same day we say we’re in the area cruisin’ in Toronto
Hit me on the cellular, thought he was gonna sell me a false word
Like the rappers I know
Sat down with a few drinks, located where you can’t see us
A white waitress on standby when we need her
A black Maybach 40 pulled up jeep
No doors all that nigga was missing was Aaliyah
Felt like the initiation
A reality living in the matrix
We talk casually about the industry
And how the women be the tastemakers for the shit we makin’
Then he said that he was the same age as myself
And it didn’t help cuz it made me even more rude and impatient
So blame it on Mr OVOXO, the reason why I’m breathing on the vanity I know
The reason why my best friend said she love me more than life
But I live a double life and need to let her go
The reason was the highlight was when he said
You belong to the people when you outside
So dig a shovel full of money, full of power, full of pussy, full of fame
And bury yourself alive, then I died

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