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Zimmerman NOT Guilty – HUH? Peace for Trayvon Martin [video]

16 Jul

Zimmerman was found NOT guilty? Huh?

This common reaction to the July 13th verdict in Florida has caused a number of riots, protests and outbursts across the nation. What side are you on? Do you believe George Zimmerman deserves to walk free after killing 17 year old Trayvon Martin last year, or do you think he deserves intense jail time? If so, now that he’s been acquitted, will you choose the peaceful protest route to demanding justice or do you concede that “No Justice = No Peace?” Watch this video and let me know your thoughts in the comment box. Thanks. And R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.


PATIENCE – Lyrics Review [Nas ft. Damian Marley]

20 Feb

Patience, patience, patience is good, if you love someone. Did you know that those were the words making up the chorus in this masterpiece? Check out this review on the rest of the lyrics and learn something from these artists, Nas & son of Bob, Damian Marley. Leave your comments below. Thanks you.

[Bar for Bar Breakdown] Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe Round 3 Smack/URL

20 Feb

Lana Del Rey & Gatye – Born to Die/Somebody that I Used to Know – Lyrical Review

6 Feb

After hearing these songs, I am a new fan of indie singers Lana Del Ray (who’s name I pronounced wrong in this video, sorry :-/ ), and GotyeBoth of these tracks offer loads of food for thought. One may get you depressed, while the other wil help you release some of your concealed anger. Either way, both “Born to Die” and “Somebody that I Used to Know”  will likely earn a spot in your heart. Check out my lyrical review, and listen to the songs here & here. ENJOY!

Ending Bad Relationships! ADELE Set’s Fire to the Rain

22 Oct

It’s one thing to end  up with a broken heart, and another thing to see it being torn apart all the while you can’t even get up enough strength to stop it! In this song, singer/songwriter Adele strikes back at her bad relationship with a fight to burn out those tears. Coming straight out of one bad deal only to end up in another, it’s time for Adele to recover.

Watch the breakdown and leave your comments, but most importantly, LISTEN to the song! And tell me, have YOU ever Set Fire to the Rain?

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