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Watch Me 2012 (contest) – DeStorm ft. MISS RUBY

21 Mar

For the second year in a row, one of YouTube’s biggest stars DeStorm is holding a “Watch Me” contest! He released a video on March 12, 2012, with a hot verse of his own, and an open 16 bars for anybody to rip! This, my friends, is what I did with that 16. I hope you like, and if so, PLEASE SHARE (twitter, facebook, myspace, etc)! Thanks.


Fed from the bottom but I’m headed to the top

want my bread like ciabatta so I rise and then rock

get your lead number 2, bubble true and then STOP…

Hold up, they aint get that, HOT.

I’m not claiming illest but I hope I get a shot

If the doctor can feel it peni-seal it I’m hot.

Cocky’s an overstatement nothing close to David

cuz I aint too proud to beg but I still got a temptation

To shine on a cloudy day with a chance of heat balled in a rain-drop

Aint got, time or a skit or a stage to be givin’ them lames props

game locked,

no not quite but I’m playing these bones like domino is on my left

and I make it go knock knock knock till they give me that money like a bank robbed.

They aint got, half of what it takes to make it great

so they love me when I’m slipping and applaud my mistakes

I just thought I’d take initiative to move without the weight

and to get that, I gotta put the fuel on this flame I’m HOT.

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