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New Rap Songs – Music Video by CKHiD

16 Mar

New Rap Songs, they’re all the same, if you’re tired of them, here’s the new wave!”

Don’t be ashamed if you’re one of the millions of new rappers making new age rap songs, just, be DIFFERENT. Like South Carolina’s Hip-Hop sensation CKHiD, who stepped on the music scene in 2009 to “redefine the genre’s limitations.” Four strong years and over 24 million YouTube views later, the artist who’s name is an acronym for Cannot Kill How I’m Dreaming, is steadfast on his mission to do just that. Check out CKHiD’s NEW SONG/Music Video below. (Video featuring ME: MISSRUBY & Directed by MYSTIK)

Hip-Hop’s King Thee in 2013 – Rising Stars

2 Feb

King Thee is coming for the crown this 2013 on his rise to stardom in Hip-Hop! From the Inland Empire, SoCal, to Sacramento up north, King Thee is making noise for the ratchets, thugs, fathers, and hustlers on the west. Check out this video for more info and music samples by King Thee!

Love It – New Song by Miss Ruby + (Rap Contest)

3 Aug

I may not be a “rapper” but I can write my ass off! And sometimes I feel like spittin’. This beat was provided by

German producer East Hope, who, together with myself, will be choosing one (or TWO) more people to be featured on this song!

If you want to work with us, be heard and promoted, then spit a FIRE 2nd verse on this track for submission. Download the song HERE, record your verse, and

upload it as a video response by clicking HERE (<–the YouTube landing page for this video). I look forward to hearing your work,

good luck!


Ima double down hope ’cause I know it’s a safe bet,

hands high if you really wanna feel it.

‘Cause I’m double time dope but I’ll never be a base head,

can’t lie I get faded on adrenaline!

Copious notes and stacks in loans and fear of being broke

calmed that a** like Ritalin!

So don’t act like chit-a-lins, f*ckin’ up aroma when the pan starts sizzlin’.


You need my love, to burn blue like a crip killa

be my blood.

And let’s bruise like a tattoo

grease and rub

then stand tall like a hairdo

tease and bump…

Get cheddar like beef and buns

If I wanted I could feed the whole team for lunch, you wit it?

Turn the speakers up…

and let the beat erupt!

I got a volcano spout where the heat come out.

Fire in my lungs like I’m chiefing now.

But I don’t need a blunt to hold the green down

smokin’ til broke is old and weak now…

Let’s grow and be proud, 

let’s roast the beef now.

‘Cause my hunger for the grass is more than these cows

beggin’ for a laugh, I’m over these clowns.

Who be buzzin’ on top like the foam on a soda pop-POP,

but they killin’ ’em softly.

I be floatin’ with the pulp and the seed from organic crops,

so when they need, healing they call me.

It’s a lonely road I travel

with the Oprah’s, Ye’s and Hova’s,

so when I come back with stacks and plaques,

don’t act like I never told ya!

Watch Me 2012 (contest) – DeStorm ft. MISS RUBY

21 Mar

For the second year in a row, one of YouTube’s biggest stars DeStorm is holding a “Watch Me” contest! He released a video on March 12, 2012, with a hot verse of his own, and an open 16 bars for anybody to rip! This, my friends, is what I did with that 16. I hope you like, and if so, PLEASE SHARE (twitter, facebook, myspace, etc)! Thanks.


Fed from the bottom but I’m headed to the top

want my bread like ciabatta so I rise and then rock

get your lead number 2, bubble true and then STOP…

Hold up, they aint get that, HOT.

I’m not claiming illest but I hope I get a shot

If the doctor can feel it peni-seal it I’m hot.

Cocky’s an overstatement nothing close to David

cuz I aint too proud to beg but I still got a temptation

To shine on a cloudy day with a chance of heat balled in a rain-drop

Aint got, time or a skit or a stage to be givin’ them lames props

game locked,

no not quite but I’m playing these bones like domino is on my left

and I make it go knock knock knock till they give me that money like a bank robbed.

They aint got, half of what it takes to make it great

so they love me when I’m slipping and applaud my mistakes

I just thought I’d take initiative to move without the weight

and to get that, I gotta put the fuel on this flame I’m HOT.

(R&B) Rising Starz of 2012 – Jus’tus & Asia Bryant

25 Jan

Occasionally I like to take notice of the artists who may not yet be ON, but are certainly ON their way.

This video features two, one band, and one single artist, both r&b.


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